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A drone flying high above an accident scene with emergency vehicles that have their emerge

SentinelSky is the leading provider of advanced drone first responder (DFR) services. With our state-of-the-art technology and expertise, we offer all the benefits of a DFR system without any of the hassle. Why go through the expense and hassle of building an in-house drone program when you can rely on the experts? Our commitment to quality, performance, and exceptional customer care sets us apart in the industry. Contact us today to learn more about our extensive selection of services and how we can exceed your needs.

Advanced Response Process


Call for Service

Our aircraft are strategically positioned around your community to respond immediately to emergency calls for service. Once launched, the SentinelSkyDFR aircraft is flown to the incident location by our flight crews and begin live streaming video and thermal imagery, so first responders can start planning their response before they even arrive on scene.


On Scene

Once on scene, our cutting-edge aircraft can share vital information using our SentinelSky app. Trained and designated first responders also have the option to control the position of the aircraft and sensors while on station to ensure the most effective situational awareness possible. We are then able to remain on station, providing vital information, seamlessly swapping aircraft out as needed, providing round-the-clock coverage.



With the mission is complete, our aircraft, overseen by a SentinelSky flight crew, returns to its docking station to recharge for the next mission. Our technically advanced docking stations provide the ability to store, charge and maintain our aircraft with minimal intervention, ensuring that you have the assets that you need available when you need them.

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